Here's to the Rest of 2020

Here I am in every ounce of my early morning glory to tell you that the rest of this year will be amazing.


Because we can MAKE IT HAPPEN.

I think it’s safe to say that none of us have been fond of 2020. I could even go a step further to assume that we’ve despised it a little.

I have! So many plans canceled, trips postponed, big moments minimized...

Now we’re approaching Fall... *squeal*, but I’m feeling some disappointment because I know it won’t all be the same.

Trick or treating... fall festivals... a quiet stadium on Super Bowl Sunday? Pics with Santa? There’s really no way to know how all this will look this year.

But, I’ve found a way to make those same warm, fuzzy feelings a part of my everyday life nonetheless.

Cultivating simple joys. 

Homemade meals. Growing pretty plants and some yummy herbs and veggies. Some DIY projects. 
(I can make things with my bare hands!) Nature walks. Bike rides. A game of HORSE. Yoga. Coffee on the porch with friends.

Time alone with Jesus. 👈🏻

When the anxiety is just too much, He’s where I find peace. His Word offers so much direction and assurance... And when that’s felt, I realize there’s REAL JOY waiting for me, too. 
(In His presence there is fullness of joy!)

2020 has provided us a time to slow down, really get creative in how we celebrate, and clearly see who and what is important to us. That’s actually a blessing, right?

When I view these changes in this way, I can actually start to appreciate this year despite all of its ugliness.

I understand some will roll their eyes at the passion I share for rolling out my own pie crust, but I’m telling ya... give it a try and see if life’s simple things don’t bring a fulfillment that was missing before.