The Best Treats for The Best Pups

Just dropping by to tell you that turkey pepperonis and blueberries are good, little, healthy treats to feed your fur babies!

They really help keep them within their k-cals, too!

You should always be conscientious of the amount you're giving them, as with anything, but these two options are clean and healthy for our little loves. 

My pup actually prefers them! She's actually become quite the little treat snob these days. 

It honestly saves me money, though, too! Think about how many "treats" you get per box, and then compare that price to a package of pepperonis and/or blueberries.

Win. Win. Win!

That is all. 

Meal Prep 101

Meal prepping 101 for a busy human:

Learn to cook in bulk so you can make multiple meals with many of the same ingredients.

I do not like eating the same meal 4 times a week. I can't do it. Food is way too yummy to limit oneself that much. 

So, I'll boil and shred some chicken, cook up some lean beef, chop up some veggies, shred some lettuce, boil some eggs, and so on.

With these foods, I can make chicken salad, Caesar salad, a burrito bowl, tortilla soup, broccoli salad, BBQ chicken, etc. 

I guess then, in essence, I don't "meal prep." I prep for meals. 

This has been the key for me and my busy life. It still takes some effort, sure. I have to set some time aside to dedicate to it, yes. But its much more convenient and "exciting" than prepping green beans and chicken every day, at least for my family. 

Everyone has to do what works for them!

Maybe this will spark something for you. 


3 Ingredient Ice Cream

New recipe for the win!

We're literally iced in here in Louisville, so it seemed an appropriate time to share this recipe I tried last week.

I wanted something sweet, but clean, and didn't want to spend a ton of time on it... It was late. I'd already applied my moisturizer and everything, but the heart wants what it wants.

So, I decided to throw about 3 frozen bananas (sliced prior to freezing), about 1 tbsp peanut butter, and 3/4 to 1 cup of oat milk in my Ninja. 

So freaking easy!

It made a very soft serve ice cream, but I was able to put it in a freezer safe storage container and it will keep for up to 4 weeks!

To eat it straight from the freezer, I had to heat in the microwave for about 30 seconds or so prior to scooping.

It really hits the spot when you have a craving. And if you're not super thrilled about eating clean... you can drizzle some chocolate or caramel syrup on it, top with nuts and whipped cream, and BAM!

Cool deliciousness in a bowl.

Food is so amazing.


Before & After : Kitchen Table

What do you do when you've had a beautiful, sturdy table for 12 years... but you want a more natural look? And you're just ready for a change?


Quality tables are so expensive. This one cost us $1400 back in 2010. There's no telling how much it would be today.

I did not want to fork out that money, but I wanted a new look.

Aaron did not like the idea of getting rid of such a reliable table, but I wanted a new look. 


Thanks to my husband, who's taught me a thing or two about some power tools, this beauty exists!

I'm so pleased with it!

It took us several hours of sanding, and a few coats of protectant, but it was beyond worth it. 

It wasn't difficult. 
It didn't break the bank!

Check out that before and after! 

I'm so in love. 

I really do enjoy "shopping" my house in the hopes of relocating what I can to bring new appreciation to something now overlooked or tired. Frugality, baby!

There's nothing some paint, or lack thereof, won't fix.

I'm already thinking of our next project.