Before & After : Kitchen Table

What do you do when you've had a beautiful, sturdy table for 12 years... but you want a more natural look? And you're just ready for a change?


Quality tables are so expensive. This one cost us $1400 back in 2010. There's no telling how much it would be today.

I did not want to fork out that money, but I wanted a new look.

Aaron did not like the idea of getting rid of such a reliable table, but I wanted a new look. 


Thanks to my husband, who's taught me a thing or two about some power tools, this beauty exists!

I'm so pleased with it!

It took us several hours of sanding, and a few coats of protectant, but it was beyond worth it. 

It wasn't difficult. 
It didn't break the bank!

Check out that before and after! 

I'm so in love. 

I really do enjoy "shopping" my house in the hopes of relocating what I can to bring new appreciation to something now overlooked or tired. Frugality, baby!

There's nothing some paint, or lack thereof, won't fix.

I'm already thinking of our next project. 


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