Meal Prep 101

Meal prepping 101 for a busy human:

Learn to cook in bulk so you can make multiple meals with many of the same ingredients.

I do not like eating the same meal 4 times a week. I can't do it. Food is way too yummy to limit oneself that much. 

So, I'll boil and shred some chicken, cook up some lean beef, chop up some veggies, shred some lettuce, boil some eggs, and so on.

With these foods, I can make chicken salad, Caesar salad, a burrito bowl, tortilla soup, broccoli salad, BBQ chicken, etc. 

I guess then, in essence, I don't "meal prep." I prep for meals. 

This has been the key for me and my busy life. It still takes some effort, sure. I have to set some time aside to dedicate to it, yes. But its much more convenient and "exciting" than prepping green beans and chicken every day, at least for my family. 

Everyone has to do what works for them!

Maybe this will spark something for you. 


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