I Don't About You... but I'm Feeling 32!

There are some days I still feel 20... and then I take a pic and see signs that I’m indeed 32 years old...

Today was one of those days.

For a second, I felt my breath rest at the back of my throat... I winced a little... but then I felt joy. 

Contentment. Peace. Hopeful anticipation. 

As I get older, I continue to learn. Observe. Understand. Let go. Move on. Reach. Grow.

The journey never ends. Great things are never beyond our grasp. Belonging can still be found. Purpose can change and transform into surprising, beautiful callings.

Although I’m still working on myself, I’ve come a long way... and I’m so grateful for God’s grace and favor in my life. 

While I’m still praying for better things, bigger dreams, bolder confidence... closer friendships, safe spaces, and a family all my own... I stopped to soak in all the amazing things life has brought me thus far.

And I smiled.