Life Changing Potato Salad

Who doesn't love a good potato salad? 

And a good potato salad could consist of so many different things and come in so many ways!

Creamy. Mustardy. Sweet. Spicy. Smoky. Cold. Warm. 

Endless possibilities!

My husband and I have perfected a recipe... biggest secret? Bourbon mustard!

It's truly life changing. 

My husband, foodie at @mytattedtake, knows good food... and he can sure make it, too!

I think potato salad is my favorite summer dish. When the grill gets fired up and I smell that smoky fragrance... potato salad just walks in the door of my brain, and I have to make it.

I don't measure it all the same every time, but I'll list the ingredients below. Have fun with them! Make it your own. 

7-8 golden potatoes
Sweet Relish
Hard Boiled Eggs
Maple Bacon
Green Onions
Bourbon Mustard
Garlic Powder
Lemon Juice

When you use golden potatoes, you don't even have to peel them. SCORE!

Cut them into approximately 1 inch cubes and boil them until they're soft -- not mushy. 

Let them cool almost completely, before you begin mixing the other ingredients.

Then, put in a pretty little dish - or not - and serve the crap out of this yumminess!

At Peace or Just Numb?

Let's talk about mindset today. 

I'm one that's determined to see the glass half full. Giving the benefit of the doubt to others comes naturally... to a fault really. (Although, as I've gotten older, this has become a thinner line to cross.)

Getting older freaks me out some, too. "So scared of getting older; I'm only good at being young." So, like John Mayer, "I play the numbers game to convince myself that life has just begun." This causes the "fear" to subside on the regular. 

I often have quick panic attacks thinking I may never have a family and I'll be old and alone. But then I convince myself that I'll be the coolest 80-year-old lady ever and everyone will want to talk to me.

I honestly do try to see the (possible) good in every situation. And while I think that's a nice way to feel "at peace," it can also be a way to simply numb. 

The latter... not always the best. 

Know your safe spaces. Learn where you can comfortably "let it out," and do it when you need to.

You can still look on the bright side and keep pushing through all the crap... but don't let it eat you up from the inside out because you choose to "deal" with it alone or ignore it.

Mental health is finally starting to get attention... for good reason! EVERYONE of us has to constantly check in on ours. It doesn't take too much or too long to fall into a negative space. Don't let that happen.

There ARE people who care about you and want to hold you up when you're falling. You will find amazing humans that breathe life into you. 

I'm glad I learned that. 

I pray you have, too!

So much love, friends.