About Me

Hi! I'm Kristi B.

AKA- A procrastinating, laid-back perfectionist. An enneagram nine, wing one. An ambitious, fun-loving gal, constantly torn between, "You should do better now!" and "It's really not that big'a deal."

So fun! 

In all seriousness, it's taking me quite some time to find a rhythm that brings me satisfaction and joy! But, since I'm working on it and discovering ways to make the absolute best of both worlds, I want to share these "secrets" with you!

In January 2020, I hosted my first ever women's conference: Z410 Envision. It was the first time and space uniquely and intentionally created for ambitious women who feel stuck between passions and responsibilities. (My whole world wrapped up in one phrase.) In putting this event together, I was able to dive deeper into my own mind and learn a few things about myself. I had become convinced that I couldn't achieve what was "necessary" and still accomplish what was "desired."


I've since begun focusing on ways to make what NEEDS to be done intertwine with what I WANT to do. Finding resources, connections, and platforms to help make this a reality is my mission in life and sharing that with other women who also face these same struggles is the passion that drives it.

I'd love for you to join this tribe of mine so we can experience all of life at its fullest!

High fives and fist bumps,

Everything on this blog is written by me and is my property. That means you can't borrow any part of it without attributing it to me and providing a link that leads back to this site. Anything else is stealing; and we should all know that's not nice.

The same goes for photos and graphics. If you have any questions as to what is allowed, just contact me and we can clear that up pretty quickly. There are laws on all things copyright for a reason and they even apply to us "little" guys and gals. 

It's also important that you understand that I tell my own stories here; give my own opinions. I'm not a professional anything-ist. I'm just here to leave my mark somewhere on the world and keep a running diary of my own experiences. 

I hope you get that. If I make a brownie that turns out perfectly for me, and you try that same recipe and get different results, you can't come at me for that, okay? 

Disclosure Policy
I hope to one day make some money off this blog... if I do, I'll put it to good use.
But that may also mean that my blog contains paid ads and affiliate links. If you click on them, it might add a few cents to my bank account. Thanks in advance!
If I ever do a review to gain some income or exposure, I promise I'll be honest and as relevant as possible. 
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I won't sell your email address to anyone. I don't store info about your visit, and I don't share personal information with third parties. The only information retained would be a possible analysis to optimize your reading experience through the use of cookies. If you don't like the cyber kind, just turn them off by changing your browser settings. 
If my content is ever republished without my permission, I'm not accountable for that.
This policy is subject to change without notice. Not sure why, but apparently, I'm supposed to say that. Feel free to check back in whenever your little heart so desires. It could get interesting.

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