You're in His Sights

“I smile. Even though I hurt, see I smile. I know God is working so I smile. Even though I’ve been here for a while, I smile.” 

Today at church we had our “5 for 5.” It’s where 5 people speak for 5 minutes each. So good!

While all were amazing, one of our students spoke first. Toward the end of her message, she said something that hit my heart.

“When you feel unseen, keep looking at Him...”

That was a line meant for this gal. As I’ve mentioned before, my husband and I haven’t had children yet, but there’s no explanation as to why. That alone can be exhausting.

Then, on the spiritual side, when you pray for something for years and years, but see no answer, that too gets confusing.

Top that with the statistic that only 12% of couples deal with infertility, of which only 3% face “unexplained” issues, and you can feel isolated... misunderstood... invisible.

Man. I’ve been so focused on trying to fix myself... solve my dilemmas... understand my feelings... control my emotions... know my place... figure out my purpose... 

All of those things are healthy and good when balanced properly. But when you’re consumed with trying to understand or figure “it” out... you become more distracted and more confused.

“When you feel unseen... look at Him.”

Not your fears, frustrations, unknown future... Not your situation. Not your timeline.

We -no matter how hard we try- cannot understand God’s infinite wisdom with our finite minds. We won’t be able to see the entire picture through our human lenses. Our best plans can’t come close to the awesomeness interwoven into His.

Friend, if you’re waiting, tired, or confused, focus on what we know to be true. Read His word. Ask for His direction. And be open to however He chooses to relay the answers to you.

I’m waiting, too. And while I sometimes feel unseen, He tells me otherwise.

We’re in His sights, friend. He keeps the stars in place... He can hold us, too!

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