Another Thing to Do

That face you make when Jesus reminds you you've got it wrong.

Recently, He's opened my eyes to something resolving "ministry." And the revelation of it, though now seemingly a "duh" thing, has made such an impact on my thoughts. 

For years, ministry was a  THING (or things) we were supposed to DO. 

I won't lie, it was introduced in an unhealthy way, so I didn't fully understand how to view it or incorporate it into my life. 

Because I was so focused on just DOING A THING, (or all the things), it felt more like a chore... even a burden at times. 

I mean, life is busy. If I keep adding things to my plate, something important will be left undone, right?

So then, I thought I had it figured out. What ministry (THING) is out there that fulfills me? What would bring me joy? Which THING wouldn't add stress for me?

Trying to come to this conclusion took months out of my life. 

Then, one day, I felt a little heart nudge.

Since when has ministry ever been a THING. 
And when was it ever designed to please me?

Ministry is a lifestyle. An act of worship. There are many ways to minister, but it's still so much more than a thing to do.

It's a way to be. 

And ministry isn't there to make me feel all fluffy inside. Its whole purpose is to serve... others.

While I do understand boundaries are so important... and you should serve where you're most passionate... there will be (many) times you're needed in areas that aren't so fulfilling.
They're hard and tiring. They take time and energy. 

And if ministry is a just a thing to do, it'll get old really quick. 
But, if ministry is a way to be, it'll come much easier and mean a lot more. 

"Not looking to your own interests, but each of you to the interest of others..."
Philippians 2:4

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