Be Who You Needed

Gah! How stinking precious is this pic?

Anytime you feel blah, unimpressive, unimportant, useless, etc... Pay attention to a child. 

Seriously. It doesn't 'take much. Make them smile, laugh... Carry on a conversation with them. Brag on something they're doing or something they've made. 

When you see their little face light up the way only an innocent one can... man. It's the most fulfilling and important thing you can do.

Really! Think about it. How was your childhood? You either remember people that made a positive impact, or you wish so badly you had some. 

Kids are tiny adults trying to navigate through every emotion without understanding any of it. I want to do whatever I can to be a piece of positive influence for all that I can.

Help create a childhood they don't have to recover from. 


We've got a lot to learn, but we'll give it our absolute best.

We don't have our own kids yet, but I'm totally cool with pouring into our friends' in the waiting!

Also- geeeez. That man! 😍

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