Benfield, Party of 4

Merry Christmas to my babe!

He's wanted an Irish Setter all his life, and I was so thrilled to find our forever pup this December! This man, @mytattedtake deserves every good thing available, y'all. I promise. 

If you can't tell, Aaron was in heaven from the moment he got out of the vehicle.

Little Fitzgerald, aka Fitz, is already becoming aware of how loved and adored he is.

As our friend @colonel_joethebarber said, "Now there's some best buds if ever I saw 'em!"

You better believe it!

Fitz, FitzyG, Floppy Joe... little dude, you have completely stolen our hearts. (We're still working on Aubrey's. 😉)

He has been such a sweet and fun addition to our family already. While it's been a lot of work, he's already such a good boy!

There's a reason dogs are known as our best friends... gosh. They're so special. 

Getting Mr. Fitzgerald was the perfect way to close out one of the craziest years of our lives. 

Thanks for making us (and everyone who's met you) smile so much, Fitz!

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