A Whole Friggin Lot of Good

Good riddance, 2022!

This year has been one I'm glad I'll never see again.

It's been filled with hard and disappointing conversations, family decisions that leave you heartbroken, "friends" that blow your mind, and health scares and ER visits...

It's left me longing for "real" more than ever. It's caused me to observe and rethink a lot of things. Invest in healthy self care. Cherish simple things while still chasing a few big ones. Set boundaries. Be willing to say no. Laugh more. Create fun. Work hard. Play harder. Love big.

I'm taking all these learned lessons with me into 2023, anticipating this year to be one filled with peace, authenticity, sincerity, and abundance!

Ringing in this new year with the one that helps get me through it all! We'll "never give up... never surrender!"

Even amongst the crappy there's a whole friggin lot of good!

Let's gooooo!

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