World Fest and Head Wraps

Take me back to WorldFest! 

I am obsessed with cultures. Truly. Whether I understand all the things or not, I don't mind! I'm just fascinated with them. Their meals, traditions, dances, beliefs, and their attire!

If we were all the same, the world wouldn't be nearly as beautiful. 

As soon as I saw this booth, I had to make my way over. 


As I glanced over them, this sweet woman asked me if I'd ever worn a wrap before. Sadly, I had to tell her no. But I immediately followed that with a ", but I really want to!"

That lit her fire for sure. 

She rummaged through pile after pile with me until we found "the one."

She showed me a couple different ways to wear them. 

One secret I learned, unless you have massive hair, you'll need to add some height to your head if you're going with a knot. 

It can literally be a balled-up tank top! 

There are several YouTube tutorials out there, too. 

I highly recommend trying them out. Hats are cute... but wraps are what's up!

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