Gingerbread House Party

Looking for a fun, different, easy Christmas get-together idea? I was, too!


Let the first annual Gingerbread House party commence!

We’re all about starting traditions.

I used to say “wait until we have kids...” but, I don’t wanna!

I want to enjoy every aspect of life, especially holidays, to the fullest! And by golly, I will.

And, when our sweet baby B’s arrive, they can just join right in!

I love this idea so much, because you can make it creatively festive. It can be set up however you prefer... conveniently without removing anything from their original packaging... or if you're like me, you can arrange a super cute display that will require a little prep and clean up time. 

Either way- still simple and so fun.  

Everyone had a blast! Kids went first. Once they were done, it was the grownups' turn!

There was so much creativity going on at that table, y'all. We were all showcasing some hilarious talent.

I'll admit- while I wanted all kinds of pretty colors and textures, I wanted to think somewhat technically, too. So... off to Google I went. 

Regular frosting seems to work best... and Wheaties don't work that great for the roof! 


Cinnamon Toast Crunch, though... perfect!

One thing I will recommend, take the easy way out on the house. I wanted to see what I could do with graham crackers... and well... I did. And it wasn't pretty!

Premade houses are the way to go. They don't taste great, but do we really eat them anyways? 

Nah, just eat the left-over treats from the decorating!

Twizzlers were fun for fencing around the house... Took some effort, but with some toothpicks, anything is possible!

We'll for sure do this again. Great time with friends and their kids. 

Cute, creative, festive, and fun. 

Perfect for Christmas time, right?!

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