Work Fam is Real

 This picture makes me smile.

The best bunch of coworkers having a blast!

Let me begin by saying I am NOT a workaholic. Truly. I give it my all when necessary, but I'm all about that work/life balance. I don't idolize my job.

Nonetheless, I appreciate it so much!

This company has changed my life in every way.

It has provided financial growth that I used to never believe possible for me.

I have gained a sense of confidence that was robbed from me as a child... and this alone has made my life more peaceful than I would have imagined.

But most importantly, it has paired me with some of the most amazing humans placed on the planet! They are my family. Truly. We have fun. We support each other. We share our traumas and our greatest joys. That confidence I mentioned above? Yeah- that's because of them, too! I've had the best supervisors and leaders. Hands down! The encouragement, challenges, compliments, and LIFE they have spoken to me will never lose their place in my heart.

Without this company, my life would be lacking in so many ways. I'll forever be grateful for the opportunity that opened itself up to Aaron nearly 10 years ago... and 8 for me!

I don't ever want to take my job for granted, so here's a post dedicated to it specifically!

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