Cozy Cottage Christmas Table

Christmas time is here!

Something I've learned about myself over the last couple of years is that I love that simple, resourceful, and natural decor style.

It somehow "takes me back" to simpler times... and that provides a calm that's felt deep down.

I long for the simplest, sweetest joys in my life!

And somehow, when my home is full of unique, homemade, and useful things, I feel some of that.

It may be corny, but I'll take it! When my husband brought home the oranges, it started. It's the first year I've dried them, and I think I'll do it every year now. What a beautiful, easy, affordable way to bring the Christmas season into your home.

I think I'm going to make a garland with them, too.

To dry the oranges, simply cut them into thin - but sturdy- slices. Place them on a parchment lined baking sheet and bake on 200F for 4 hours or so. You'll really need to flip them every 45 minutes or so. Perfect to do on a lazy day around the house... adds a nice smell, too!

Best thing about these things -- you can store them for at least a year... we'll see if we make two!

How do you decorate for Christmas? What brings your heart some of that Holly Jolly-ness?

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