Sharing Life with You

Thank you for a life full of adventures!

Feeling a little emotional today thinking of my marriage to this guy! Just overwhelmed with gratefulness that I get to share my life with him.

I don’t like to give credit to hard situations and tough times, so I rarely talk about them... but, nonetheless, we’ve faced our share of them. Life hasn’t always been fair. People haven’t always been kind.

We still have questions without answers, confusion about patterns we see, and hearts full of dreams still not fulfilled.

But!!! We have each other. We have a strong faith. We have God on our side. We have the most incredible friends! There’s a long list of things we’ve overcome, learned, and changed.

And... we have FUN!

I’m just feeling the gratitude today a little more than usual, so I wanted to give a shoutout to the love and joy of my life!

2020 has slowed the fun down just a bit, but we’ve made it work! And there’s a lot more to come! Can’t wait to see the rest of our life unfold

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