You Can Rest

Let my soul be at rest again, for the Lord has been good to me. - Psalm 116:7

It always comes back to this. When bouts of anxiety creep in, or fears of an unknown future try to take up residence in your mind, just remind yourself of His faithfulness.

He has been good, and you can rest.

When things don’t work out as you imagined, or people don’t behave in the manner you expected, just remember His infinite love for you.

He has been good, and you can rest.

If life feels as if it’s at a standstill, and you just can’t see past the hand in front of your face, reminisce on how far you’ve already come by His grace.

He has been good, and you can rest.

My life has been filled with questions... I’ve faced my share of fears, rejections, hurts, and disappointments. And if I chose to focus on them, geez.

But, what about the joys? Obstacles overcome? Pleasant surprises? Strangers that perfectly fill voids in my life? Gifts that come straight from above?

I want to think on THOSE things! He’s proven faithfulness, love, grace, and impeccable timing over and over!

And when I remember that... no matter how dark or long the night... I feel peace. I get to rest.

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