Childlike Anticipation for Life

So, I obviously have a thing for headpieces. 

I wouldn't have known that a few years ago. 


Because I was too afraid to try anything "outside the norm."

But who/what defined normal for me?

Well, it surely to goodness wasn't me, I can tell you that. 

I fell into the trap of people pleasing... while surrounded by people who could never be pleased.

It wasn't until I said "goodbye" to them, that I could finally say "hello" to the Kristi that had been hiding out for 20+ years!

During a conversation with a friend today, showing off their new fabulous accessories, they asked me, "Did you feel just a deeper sense of authenticity when you did something simple like this?"

Yes, my friend. YES!

(We both came from a hard, (overall) legalistic group that frowned upon all the things... so we connect on a level most people could never understand.)

And in that moment, I felt 22 all over again. That shy, insecure, paranoid, lonely, confused, but FREE kid that was starting life all over. 

How a head wrap can bring such joy, I'll never fully know. But I accept that. I'm just forever grateful that I busted through the box I felt trapped in and learned to embrace grace, joy, and childlike anticipation for life again.

Oh, and me. I learned to love me. Turns out, I'm pretty cool. 😉

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