Fully Known, Fully Loved

"You are good enough. Actually, you're probably overqualified. But let's start the day off humble."

Man, oh man, has it been a journey to gain some self-confidence! Am I the only one?

When your first 22 years of life are full of unrealistic expectations, unfair opinions, limited opportunities, and lack of supporters... geez! It. Is. Work.

11 years later, and I still cry to my therapist on the regular. 

Nonetheless, the last couple of years have been life-changing, as I've learned where my value comes from. Or shall I say, from Whom it comes.

My identity is in Christ. I am who He says I am... so no other opinion matters. No other voice gets to contradict that.

It's a crazy thing, how my desperate need for Him is the very thing that strengthens my confidence. He truly does work in mysterious ways!

I guess it's because He knows me... the best parts and those places I want to hide from the whole world... and He still wants me. He still loves me unconditionally. In fact, He thought I was worth enough to die for.

He died for all. But He would have died for one, too. He would've died for just me. Just you.

Being known and loved so much by the Creator of the universe can only cause one to hold their head up high while keeping their arrogance down low. 

"It's so unusual, it's frightening
You see right through the mess inside me
And You call me out to pull me in
You tell me I can start again
And I don't need to keep on hiding
It's so like You to keep pursuing
It's so like me to go astray
But You guard my heart with Your truth
A kind of love that's bulletproof
And I surrender to Your kindess
I'm fully known and loved by You
You won't let go no matter what I do
And it's not one or the other
It's hard truth and ridiculous grace
To be known, fully known, and loved by You"
-- Tauren Wells -- 

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