What are You Looking at?

"When your values become clear to you, making decisions becomes easier." - Roy E. Disney

Just like this picture, sometimes I'm not looking at what's right in front of me. I'm distracted by something going on in the distance. 

That used to mess with me. I felt so "bad" for missing "it."

It wasn't until I started learning how to break free of expectations, that I discovered that there was this creative side of me that longed for the uncentered. 

I've been "in church" nearly all of my life. I've been absolutely in love with Jesus for the last few years... because I learned that He was the very thing that was in the distance trying to grab my attention.

I was so focused on rules: wearing the "right" clothes, listening to the "right" music, reading the "right" books, hanging with the "right" people, going to the "right" places... I didn't have the time or energy to just be a person looking at and loving Him.

Man, oh man. How my life has changed since I looked off to the side and saw a Savior who loved beyond measure.

There's a peace and joy I have now that I truly cannot explain. All I got? He works miracles.

And no, I don't have a perfect life that makes all that easy. I was a child of divorce, molestation, judgement... I grew up and dealt with hurtful and opinionated people surrounding me. I've been rejected by friends and family. My husband and I still struggle with unexplained infertility.

But y'all. I am so happy!

I trust my life to the One Who knew me before He formed me.

And now that I know He is what I'll focus on all the days of my life... the pressures of decisions, simple and hard, is gone. My load is a light one, since I've asked Him to carry it.

And I know when I face something that leaves me paralyzed, He'll carry me.

What are you focusing on today? Whatever it is, look off into the distance just a bit, and see Him waiting for you.

You are loved, my friends!


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