Painting... and Pushing Past the Fear

Happy Mother's Day!

I'm not a mama yet, but one day.

Right now, I'm a gal who adores my husband, my puppy, my nieces and nephews, and all my friends' and their kids that we've adopted as our own.

God's made my life beautiful.

Despite the disappointments and difficulties, it's pretty great. 

I've learned what's important, who matters, and that doing things that make your heart happy is what's up. This stepping out of my comfort zone has produced some pretty amazing things. Pushing the fear of failure aside and going for it anyways has been the biggest accomplishment in my life.

Does is always work out? Nope. But a lot of times, it does! Maybe after trial and error. Stains. Spills. Mess ups that require loads of help recovering... 

Like this beauty!

I'm so happy with it. Truly.

But you know what? When I first sat down at the canvas, I almost said, "Not today." I didn't think I had it in me. Had practically already convinced myself that it wouldn't turn out right. 

Still, I picked up a brush. I dabbed it in some paint and made that first swish. And I kept swishing! 

It was fun to play around with all those colors, shading, lines, highlights... even though I had to cover and start over a time or two at certain parts. (Sounds like life a little, huh?)

Now, I can' t quit looking at it. It makes me smile. Pretty big. 

Can't wait to see what beautiful prize awaits us through our adoption process, too. Am I'm a little scared of disappointment? Yes. Terrified at the possibility of heartbreak? Absolutely. Because we've been through it all before! 
But, we sat down at the table again and picked up the brush... So, I'm trusting this process. Well, trusting God to handle it. 

One day, I fully believe we will have the most incredible little human to pour ourselves into.

I'm going to cherish every single moment. Getting there... and when we're right in the middle of it.

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