Elote Chicken Salad

Y'all. This is my new fave. It's so refreshing and different for a spring/summer day. And, it goes without saying, (yet we always say it anyway), so scrumptious!

Simply boil a few cobs of corn, let them cool, and then shave the kernels into a bowl. 

Add some shredded chicken, too. (However much you'd like; there's really no wrong or right measurement here.)

Throw in about 2-4 tbsp of mayo. (This all depends on how much corn and chicken you've started with... 4 cobs of corn and 1 cup of chicken usually takes 2.5 - 3 large tbsp.)

Don't forget to include about 1/4 cup of sour cream.

Top with 1/2 cup COTIJA cheese and the juice of 2 large limes.

Here's the kicker -- sprinkle a generous amount of Tajin Clasico lime seasoning over the entire mixture. 
Shall I say, GAME. CHANGER? Yes. Yes, I shall.

Mix everything well. 

Plate it all pretty and add a couple leaves of cilantro if your little heart so desires. 

Guys, this is just delicious. If you like Mexican street corn, you'll be pleased with this quick and easy lunch!

Try it out! Vamanos! 


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