Beautifully Unfinished

Working on a new piece today.

Foundation laid, but still unfinished. 

Kinda how I'm feeling. 

I may leave it this way for a while until that specific image hits the brain.

It's been a while... felt nice to grab a brush again.

I'm learning more and more every day that life is a canvas that can be painted into whatever you choose. You may not always get to pick the colors, and something may spill on what you considered a masterpiece... you may have to start all over. Nonetheless, if you so choose, each day can produce something beautiful and inspirational. 

You know something else about art? There are countless styles and techniques out there. You can't compare a Monet to a Picasso. They're both fabulous, right? Still, there's probably very few places that would house both painters' work, that isn't an art museum.

Don't be taken aback by certain people's disinterest in your life. Maybe they're enamored by DaVinci... but you're still a freaking Van Gogh, love! Carry on. 

I'm trying to grasp that myself. Acceptance does have several stages that seem to proceed it, though. That's okay! As long as my denial and anger don't linger too long, I'll be just fine. 

I may not have it all together, but I know I have a lot to offer. I just have to find my purpose, my place, and my people. 

Every day, well, I get a little bit closer to feeling fulfilled. 

Until then, I'll love my life as much as I love this piece... even if it is slightly unfinished. 

I mean, maybe that's the very thing that makes it so beautiful?


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