Bake with Kristi B -- Soft Launch

This is what I do for fun!

The first #bakewithkristib event was an absolute, successful blast. 

I started with a small, soft launch to test registration, planning, timing, space, etc. 

These gals were such a blast to teach, and each did so great! They made me so proud. 

We started with an easy recipe that they could make their own. Banana muffins, with the option of chocolate chips, blueberries, or peanut butter. 

These little ladies all wanted chocolate chips. (You know it!)

I love that they were all very much into the whole process.

They all listened intently, asked questions, and followed every instruction. 

My heart overflowed with joy just seeing how much this meant to them. Kids really do just want to learn, feel accepted and capable, and have fun.

The smiles that covered their faces when their very own muffins were ready to eat were priceless. And I couldn't get away with not trying a bite of each one! They were spot on. Pretty, too!

I can't wait to have my own children one day... but until then, I'll invest in yours!

I know it's all about pouring into them, and I'm here for it... But honestly, it sure does feed my soul a little, too. 

I'm already thinking of our next treat and can't wait to set the date for the second bake-off!

I think they're ready for it, too!

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