Mermaid Juice


Can't get enough of loaded tea creations!

Introducing my special Mermaid Juice. 

Fun, satisfying, and adored by the littles. (Maybe leave out the Guarana.)


1/4 tsp green tea powder
1/8 tsp Guarana powder
1/2 tsp 4c citrus energy powder
1/4 tsp 4c orange energy powder
1/4 tsp Crystal Light raspberry green tea
in 6 oz hot water. 

Pour into a 32 oz tumbler. 

Insert straw. (Pack with ice.)

Coat with 2 oz of aloe vera berry juice. 


1/2 tsp Crystal Light raspberry lemonade
1/4 tsp GV blackberry lemonade
in 8 oz cold water. 


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