The Superman

Hey hey! What. A. Day.

Today, while coaching some leaders on my team, I had to take my own advice. 

"You can do anything, but you can't do everything. Take a step back and determine which projects are most important and why. Then decide which "why's" have the most impact overall... and start there."

If you're a motivated individual, chances are you're highly driven, responsible, organized, and reliable. 

AMAZING qualities. 

And also a breeding ground for stress and burnout if not nurtured appropriately. 

Let go of some pressure. Most things can wait a bit. Deal with what can't and then take breather!

For me, tonight, I'm sipping on a yummy drink, slipping into pjs, and binging a show.

And after today, I will not feel bad for it!

Recipe for The Superman below:


1/4 tsp green tea powder
1/2 tsp 4c orange energy powder
1/4 tsp Koolaid tropical punch
into 6 oz hot water.

Pour into a 32 oz tumbler. 

Insert straw. 

Pack with ice and then coat with 2 oz. aloe vera berry juice. 


1/2 tsp Starburst blue raspberry drink mix
1/4 tsp Jolly Rancher green apple drink mix
in 8 oz cold water.

Pour over ice.

Drink up!

The Superman has become my Kryponite!

Beautiful. Refreshing. Low Calorie. Yummy!


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