Spring Decor 2022

I love cottage-core. Everything about it. With it, comes cozy and full spaces. Warm atmospheres. Comforting smells. Do it just right and it's amazing. But it's still a lot of stuff sometimes. 

I also get anxiety thinking about having too many items setting out. I personally don't want clutter in my home. It messes with my peace!


I love this simple look here, though. I may add a little bit more as the season progresses, but it already makes me smile.

Especially Mr. Bunny. He sparks some kinda joy that I can't explain. Saw him in an antique shop... fawned over him... set him down "because I don't need him," but my husband told me to get him. 

He said, "Anything that makes you smile like that is worth getting."

Could he be any sweeter?

One of my favorite things about the cottage look is that you can achieve it in many ways, honestly. It's all about what you love and what you use.  

The best thing for me? That resourceful decorating. It's especially nice if you don't have enough storage space for all the things you like! 

Obviously, I don't need several charcuterie and cheese boards, but I love them.

I also have a hard time passing up a cookbook possessing a certain look... 

And how stinking presh are tiny cream pitchers?

So, instead of giving that joy up, I showcase my little loves.

It's perfect for cottagecore decor, too! Beautify items you use. 

Sometimes, I think I'm the corniest of all the cornies out there because of the warm and fuzzies I experience in the "ordinary."

But then I realize, I just love simplicity. Peace. Calm. Cozy. Safety. 


I wish I felt "at home" more often, in more places, with more people, but in the meantime, I'll enjoy my love, my pup, and my cozy cottage. 

These beautiful white linen sheets and duvet cover make me smile every morning. Weird source of joy? Maybe. 

But, in a world of chaos and question, I'll load up on the beautiful simplicities every day if it brings a little solace to my heart. 

Plus- umm... white can be bleached! And it literally goes with every single thing. #frugality

Make your home your haven. What does that mean for you? Don't overthink it. Don't worry about "keeping up with the trends." It's your safe place. Your oasis. Pick what you want and put it wherever you please!

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