Before and After : Fireplace


We've made so many changes since moving into this house, but I'm pretty obsessed with this fireplace makeover... and we only used tile and paint.

I get it; some people may have preferred to keep it all white... and we did for close to two years.

but there was no "WOW!" factor at all... and I need those in my life.

So, my loving husband, always willing to humor my crazy whims, tiled it (a while ago),

and then bought me some paint and I went to town on this thing. 

I love the finished result! Bold... beautiful. Very "warm English cottage" to me. 

I think it's officially called a "transitional style???" I don't know. Either way, I smile when I look at it. 

There's currently a cord hanging that I need to tack down, hence the side angle shot of that first "after" shot. But, hey. That's a project for another day. 

Check out how different this thing looks now!

Drastic difference... definitely for the better!

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