Before and After : Open Shelves

Thank the good Lord for a husband that makes my dreams reality!

As much as I loved this home when we bought it a couple years ago, I had updates in mind from the very beginning. 

I couldn't wait to tackle the kitchen!

In our first home, we added open shelving to the kitchen, and it opened up the space so much. I wanted that again. This house, though much more spacious, has some quirky layout. (Which, if I must confess, is what I prefer.) I still didn't know if that open shelf concept would give the same effect here.

So, for the first nearly 2 years of our move, we just settled on painting the cabinets white. 

That definitely brightened up the room and brought a little life to the space, but I still couldn't let go of the open shelving. 

When you're in love with cottage core vibes, you just need some! 

I'm so grateful for my husband. He listens to my vision and helps me see it through.

I absolutely adore this corner of my home now. There's so much sunlight, counter space, storage, room, character... all the best things. 

It doesn't take a ton of money to make your home dreamy and warm. Just a little time, creativity, (there's so much inspiration available at our fingertips these days!), and the determination to make it happen.

My home is my happy place... and the more I do to make really mine... the happier it makes me.

I mean, isn't she lovely?


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